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Professional Web Site Design

    • Are you a photographer who wants a beautiful and professional online gallery to display your photos?
    • Are you an artist who wants a visual portrayal of your creations on the internet?
    • Are you a lawyer, doctor, accountant, dentist, bookkeeper, fitness trainer/consultant or other professional who wants a brochure site that shows the services you provide?
    • Are you a model or model agency who would like a professional, attractive online model portfolio?
    • Are you a chef or food guru who wants to share your signature recipes online?
    • Are you an event planner, seminar leader, motivational speaker who needs to provide a schedule, description and bookings for your events?
    • Are you a musician, dancer, comedian or entertainer who wants a web site that illustrates and presents your talent?
    • Are you an athlete looking for a fan site?
    • Are you a writer or blogger seeking an interactive blog, online magazine or journal that you can work on daily from the comfort of your home, coffee shop or anywhere that you can take your laptop, tablet or smartphone?
    • Are you looking for a cool personal web site for social interaction, a memorial or tribute site or perhaps a wedding, barmitzvah or graduation site?

Our specialty is creating YOUR personal or business site for you… quickly, easily and affordably.

Special Site Add-Ons

    Your site can have all the bells and whistles such as:

  • Pictures, video clips, photo galleries, photo albums, portfolios, slideshows and audio
  • Connect your site to the most popular social networks — Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Blogging – Keep your blog private or share your thoughts with the world. Blog with Your Friends and Coworkers. You can even invite as many contributors as you’d like for a multi-author blog site.
  • Online surveys or polls
  • Discussion forum or bulletin board
  • Event Calendar
  • E-Commerce capabilities to sell any product from your web site

SEO-Search Engine Optimization

Can you find your website in Google? How does your site rank against your competitors? Do you need to win more traffic? SEO is the most crucial part of any website. We will maximize your web site’s visibility in search engine results for your keywords.

Web Site Hosting

What is web hosting?
Think of the web as an infinite expanse of land. A web host provider is a company that controls a portion of that land (Internet hosting server). They in turn rent you a portion of their land for you to live on and use i.e a space on their server for your web site. This space that they set up for you on their server is called a Hosting Account. A web hosting provider gives you a space to “house” your site on the web. Your “domain name” identifies your very own house on that land, and provides an address so that others can find it. Creating and developing your website is a lot like building (or renovating) your house so it fits your needs.

Our goal is to help you set up your new home on the web, build it for you, move into it and and get settled in to it comfortably. Once everything is set up, people will be able to simply type in your domain name (name of your site in the form of and immediately see your web site from their computer.

We’ll set you up on the most affordable, worry-free hosting plan around. Lots of great features, 24/7 Certified Geek support and more.

Personal, Friendly Ongoing Support

Once we have built your site, we don’t just wish you luck and move on.  We provide on-going personal, friendly support and assistance to answer questions, help with issues that you might be having and even offer plans to maintain and manage your web site for you so that you can focus on your business instead of trying to be a web guru 😉
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